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Gamma Beta Lambda employs a unique membership selection process.
There is no 'Rush' process with us. Potential members are carefully considered by our membership committee for a period of time and then 'tapped' for a Candidacy period.

There are only a select number of qualified Candidates chosen each year.

Following the Candidacy period (roughly equivalent to a Pledge period) successful Candidates are initiated into the brotherhood.

Currently, Gamma Beta Lambda exists only in the Regional area of Vancouver BC, though we have members currently residing in other parts of Canada, the United States and Europe.

If you are in the Vancouver BC area and would like to be considered for membership, or if you are interested in the possibility of expansion to your area, please contact our Membership Committee via the link below.

You may reach us at:

Gamma Beta Lambda Fraternity - Regional Office
#15 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V5Y-1T4

"Whoever said beer drinking was HARD WORK?!!!"

- Phil (Six Pack) Simpson
Gamma Beta Lambda Treasurer
and all around smarty-pants Beer Ninja

"Can there be a finer moment: That instant when one takes notice in his mind that here he is: Surrounded by brothers, good cheer and firelight?"

-Donald Fox Co-Founder, Gamma Beta Lambda

Gamma Beta Lambda Fraternity #15 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V5Y-1T4