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" When we say we are looking for Warriors to join our brotherhood we mean we are looking for men of honour, courage and integrity, not men of violent natures."
- Emmett Willie
Founder, Gamma Beta Lambda

What is Gamma Beta Lambda?

Gamma Beta Lambda is a men's fraternal organization, which was originally formed as an off-campus postgraduate association. It was officially founded on October 2nd 1963.

The founding brothers of our fraternity, who came from different walks of life and diverse academic backgrounds, created Gamma Beta Lambda in order to fulfill a dream they all had: To belong to a fraternal order, when the circumstances of life and profession had prevented them from doing so in earlier years. They were all 'mature' gentlemen - that is they were all all in their thirties, forties or older when they created our brotherhood.
The Founders had one important factor in their lives which all of them shared: They were all Warriors.

In addition to their desire to create a fraternity for 'Mature and experienced men of Warrior heart', the Founders wished to create an organization with a difference - to be unlike the other fraternities of the time. To create a unique tradition which through its carefully selected members, would redefine the concept of fraternity on their own terms.

Partly due to the nature of its original goals and its somewhat unorthodox structure, Gamma Beta Lambda existed as a 'secret society' of sorts during its first decade. The Founders wished to retain an aura of mystery around the brotherhood as a means of protecting its members from critics during the formational years.

Thus, Gamma Beta Lambda, termed 'Eclectic' by some, grew slowly but forcefully and with honour from the time of its humble beginnings to the time when it became a public entity in 1973.

Like any fraternity, Gamma Beta Lambda faced numerous challenges over the years. Membership, though always small and select in the early days, rose and fell during the sometimes-turbulent years of the 1960's and 70's. In addition to this, since many of the early members were career men, the demands of busy professional life tested the cohesion and traditions of our brotherhood from time to time.

Yet the brotherhood persevered. To this day Gamma Beta Lambda boasts a dedicated membership of select men who continue this proud tradition, not only as an off-campus fraternal order, but also in recent years with an on-campus presence as well.

Just exactly who are these Gammahouse brothers anyway?

Gammahouse brothers come from many different places, age groups, professional backgrounds and walks of life.
We choose members based upon the person they ARE,not what they could be made into. Not our style to be 'makers of men', like some other fraternities are.Uniqueness and individuality are valued highly by our organization.

What is our definition of a Warrior?

Warrior (wr-e-r)


1.A brave or experienced man: A protector, usually in compliance with a Code of Honour.

2.One who is engaged aggressively or energetically in an activity, cause or conflict.

3.One who is engaged in or experienced in battle.

4.A potential member of Gamma Beta Lambda Fraternity

A more detailed definition is this: A man who feels the calling of the 'Blood-Fire': His Warrior Spirit. Though some may never have served in the field or even seen physical combat, they still know their heart to be that of a lion or a Grizzly Bear.

Gammahouse does not seek violent men: We seek men of strength, honour and integrity. The Blood-Fire is evident in each of these men. Those who know these feelings are the ones we are looking for.

Gamma Beta Lambda Fraternity #15 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V5Y-1T4