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"Serving Warriors, Scholars and Wise Men since 1963"

Celebrating our 45th Year of Tradition!


Welcome to our web site!

Gamma Beta Lambda is a men's fraternal organization founded by a group of great gentlemen - including two Native Canadian Elders - in 1963. The basis of our fraternity was originally that of a band of outdoorsmen drawn together by common interests.

Located in the Pacific Northwest: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, we are a brotherhood with a difference: A Warrior's fraternity that emphasizes lifelong, active membership and brotherhood for life.

Gamma Beta Lambda fraternity has no alumni category, for "Once a brother always a brother", and "Brotherhood unto death" are mottoes that we hold dear.

We have been referred to as a 'hybrid' fraternity and that describes us well enough. We have also been described as a "Wolfpack that prowls outside the IFC / NIC borders, making our own rules."

Some may think that too... We do have wolves among us, though our mascot is the Grizzly bear.

"Those who enter this brotherhood are carefully selected gentlemen: Warriors of honour in this Circle of strength."

-Walker Kale
Founder, Gamma Beta Lambda Fraternity

"Gamma Beta Lambda is, as far as we know, the first fraternity in Canada and probably the first in North America to have Native Canadians as Founders. We are pretty proud of that."
- Mike Wolf
Senior Brother
Alpha Chapter


Gamma Beta Lambda Fraternity #15 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V5Y-1T4