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Gammahouse News!

Direct From the Offices of the Fraternity!

December 2007

So How is everyone doing anyway?

Here's the latest!

Six-Pack Escapes from the evils of the dry camp!

I've heard it on good advice that our bro, Phil (six-pack) Simpson has finally escaped the depredations of the dry camp he was trapped in for so many weeks! ;--) Go have a Bud - or a six pack of Buds for us, Bro!

Brew says 'no' to yet another Sportsman's Double!

Well, every fraternity has to have a Ladies Man, and I guess in our case its Brew!

Recently, rumors have been leaking out about the Brew-man's many Christmas party appearances and about the many bee-otches that been tryin' ta get with the master of Rub, himself ;-)
Good luck on picking one or two to keep you warm this Yule, brother!

Cutter's New Venture!

For all the Bros who don't already know; Bro Cutter has just gotten himself a franchise through Second Cup coffee company. Congrats, home-boiieee! Hope you do well. All the best man.


Kegger celebrates the Season.

Well, the Kegger is finally free of his self-imposed dry spell. Did it for health reasons and good on him for that too, but glad he's back to having the occasional social one with the boyz. Recently, Kegger sent me a clip of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders farting 'Jingle Bells' - so ya KNOW the Keg man is back to his old self again ;-)

Merry Ho-Ho, buddy.

Zoner is currently in semi hibernation at the place he's currently living in and hoping to move to a new flat in '08. His re-hab is coming along and with a bit of time and luck He'll be whalin away, Joe Satriani style, on his guitar again some day.
Anybody got any insider info on a place that Zoner can move to, let him know at his flat: Check the private list for his phone number!

Good Yule man.

Bro Sled - AKA Bill Crazy Bear has disappeared on a sledding expedition in Alaska. No surprise this time of the year ;-) Hopefully he'll be having a jolly one with his folk up there in winter wonderland ;-)


The Ghost man.

I dunno. Haven't heard from that guy since he got married. Geez, do I hear the sound of a pusssssy whip somewhere? (grin)

The Wolfman!

Well, the Wolfman is kickin' back at the homestead this time of year- getting ready for a traditional Yuletide celebration on the 20th to the 22nd. the mead and beer, and not to mention food, will be out for those days, so any bros who wish are cordially invited to slide by.

Other than that, not much. Like most, Wolfman can't wait for Spring ;-)


A big shout out to you dudes for the best of the season!

Let's get some stuff going on in '08


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Please be sure to activate and use your account on the new Gammahouse Groups site. There are lots of files and other interesting things you can access from there.

If you don't currently have access or are having difficulty getting your accout set up, check with the Loremaster or your locals' Lore keeper.

Gammahouse Brothers: ALWAYS a success!

...and to paraphrase Vince Vaughn's character, 'Beanie' from the Ivan Reitman film 'Old School':

"We contributed NOTHING to the community. THAT I promise you!"

Gamma Beta Lambda - The newsletter!

Stormwarden - the official member's newsletter of Gamma Beta Lambda Fraternity, is available quarterly from the Chapter office or via download from the Secretary's office. Hard copies are also available to members from the Secretary's office.
Autumn 2007 Membership Newsletter


As soon as the Autumn 2007 issue of our newsletter is complete, it will be available to members. Each quarter the newsletter will include latest news, interesting facts, upcoming events, and member names.

"We are brothers in an exclusive fraternity. To be asked to pledge is no small thing. Candidates should be aware of the honour that has been granted them in War Bond and should never take this lightly."

-Jonathan Black
Founder, Gamma Beta Lambda

*Members: Please see the Chapter Secretary for hard copies of the most recent newsletter.

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