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The Gammahouse Difference

The Gammahouse Difference
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"A Warrior is a living balance: A mixture of strength, wisdom and proper humility."
- Oliver Moon
Founder, Gamma Beta Lambda Fraternity

What Makes Gamma Beta Lambda Different?

Gamma Beta Lambda has a number of features that distinguishes it from other fraternities seen on college and university campuses.

- Gamma Beta Lambda was not originally formed by college students (ie; undergraduates), but was in fact formed by post graduate men, two of whom were Aboriginal Elders.

- Gamma Beta Lambda does not host a 'Rush'. We have a unique method by which potential members are selected and 'tapped' for Candidacy.

- Gamma Beta Lambda does NOT haze or otherwise demean Candidates in any way. We have never permitted such dishonourable practices in our fraternity.

- Gamma Beta Lambda is autonimous. We are a proud tradition and govern our fraternity according to OUR rules, not someone else's.

- Gamma Beta Lambda has two categories of membership: College brothers and Senior brothers who may come to us through the professions or from life experience.

- Gamma Beta Lambda does NOT discriminate based on age, race, religion, spirituality, sexual orientation or ethnicity in our selection process. Our members are representative of many different cultures and lifeways.

- Gamma Beta Lambda values Warrior virtues above all else in its members. Strength, honour and spiritual integrity are respected as much as, or even more than academic achievement.

- Gamma Beta Lambda is a lifetime membership fraternity.

- A brother is not removed from 'active' status simply because he graduates - Brothers are brothers for life and expected to remain as active in the fraternity as possible.

- Gamma Beta Lambda has no Alumni membership category at this time.

- Gamma Beta Lambda places importance upon the participation of Associate and Honorary fraternity members.

- Gamma Beta Lambda minimum membership age is 21. In the case of our College level brothers we generally seek those in their Sophomore year or later.

- Gamma Beta Lambda encourages interaction between all brothers regardless of their particular college, university or professional affiliation.

- There is no age maximum and college students of any year are encouraged to seek membership with us. In the case of potential members attending college: non-traditional, part-time and full time students are considered.

- Gamma Beta Lambda has a different fee structure than other fraternal organizations.

- Gamma Beta Lambda is more internally focused: While some fraternities place great emphasis upon philanthropic pursuits, our fraternity is centered upon the support of the brothers and their families first, all other considerations second.


"Someone once joked that if you took a Mason, a college Greek and a Skull & Bonesman and tossed them in a blender, you'd get a Gamma Beta man out the other end. It was a funny thing to say, yet not too far from the truth. We have our good times and a lot of fun, but we do have our time honoured traditions and mysteries."

- Mike Wolf
Senior Brother,BC Alpha Founder,
Gamma Beta Lambda


"How do you know you have the Blood Fire? It burns in your heart. Nothing else feels like that. Only Warriors have the Blood Fire: We are born with it. We earn its keep everyday.
It can't be bought or earned or gained. Creator gives it to you at birth maybe even before that. You can't get it any other way."

-Allan Charlie
Senior Brother,Gamma Beta Lambda

"One of the best tests of spirit is hardship. A man who lacks spirit will give in to hardship or pain and seek moral or physical crutches. The man who truly possesses the Blood Fire will not give in."

- Ari Torinsson
Founder, Gamma Beta Lambda Fraternity

Gamma Beta Lambda Fraternity #15 West 12th Avenue, Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V5Y-1T4